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The Freedom Universal Constitution as well as related ideas on this website have undergone substantial further development and refinement since the website was first launched in late 2005. In particular, the constitution has been recast in explicitly contractual form, to be implemented as the governing law of a proprietary community. It uses innovative choice of law and choice of forum provisions, within a proprietary community framework. This completes and strengthens the constitution, and simplifies both the constitution and its implementation. It provides a complete legal system for any community or society worldwide. It is supremely simple and flexible, yet sophisticated enough for even the most challenging contexts.

The website has not yet been updated to reflect these new developments.

The age-old problem of social governance is essentially the the problem of cooperation (the problem of special interests)—which includes subproblems such as the problem of externalities and the tragedy of the commons. Effectively addressing the problem of special interests—finding a practical way to align individual special interests with the common general interest—is the key to building a better society. The Freedom Universal Constitution focuses on an innovative constitutional concept—consistent sovereign equality—for cutting through the special interests that perpetuate the status quo and resist movement towards a freer society. Combined with the proprietary community concept developed by Spencer Heath, this represents a complete solution to the problem of social governance.

Creating a better society requires two essential building blocks:

  1. A solution for how such a society is to function (a destination model)
  2. A solution for getting us from where we are to where we want to be (a transition model)

The new version of the Freedom Universal Constitution (not yet reflected on this website) is a social governance system that is not just a destination model, but also a practical transition model. It is informed by the accelerating entrepreneurial transformation of global society to the proprietary communities of the future, which marks an exciting new chapter in the evolution of society. The primary emphasis is on building the good (voluntary communities) through entrepreneurial economic means, rather than on reducing the bad (coercive social institutions) through bureaucratic political means. This allows for more realistic and empowering strategies for social transformation.

The website will be rewritten and redesigned to reflect these new developments, and to be more accessible and attractive to a broad audience. The new website will be streamlined with a focus on the Freedom Universal's benefits, and practical, profitable ways for citizens and entrepreneurs to bring these benefits to their communities and societies.

We welcome your questions regarding the ideas on this website, and your suggestions for improving the website's content, usability, and attractiveness. Please email us at


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