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The mission of the Institute for Freedom and the Freedom Universal Network is to be prime movers in the growing global movement to create free, just, and prosperous societies.


Our vision is a world where violence is a rare aberration, and voluntary interaction is the norm.


Below is an overview of the Institute for Freedom's key goals, strategies, current status, and priorities for action. The Institute's primary product is The Freedom Universal Constitution which is described on a separate website.


governance for a free, just, and prosperous society

OBJECTIVE             Dramatically increase freedom, justice, and prosperity in society by means of an innovative new constitution that implements individual sovereignty and equality before the law as the supreme law.

Our societies are increasingly overwhelmed by apparently insurmountable problems. When asked to name the single greatest social evil, the answer given by most people is violence (in its various forms). In addition to the obvious reasons, there are also deeper reasons why we should oppose violence: the pattern of advances and declines of civilizations throughout history teaches us that the rises and falls of societies are neither inevitable nor random, but depend on the choices we make. When given a choice, most people choose good over evil. But to choose good, we need to be free to choose. Violence robs us of our freedom to choose. But more: violence inverts the incentives that operate between people in peaceful contexts, destroys the natural harmony of interests between people, and places the aggressor in the position of master over his slave, the victim—a position of inequality and a violation of individual sovereignty. Thus violence is inherently opposed to and incompatible with individual sovereignty and equality before the law.

Furthermore, there is compelling evidence that many of our thorniest social problems have their roots in breaches of individual sovereignty and equality before the law. If a way can be found to reduce or prevent such breaches, we will have found a powerful means to increase equality, reduce violence, restore healthy incentives, and thereby greatly improve our individual and social well-being. The Freedom Universal Constitution provides such a solution.

The Freedom Universal Constitution has several features essential to its success: Firstly, it is a deep solution: it addresses the key social issues and dynamics in an integrated, non-contradictory solution. Secondly, it is formulated in terms of concepts and language that have universal mainstream cultural appeal and support. Thirdly, it is elegant in its simplicity: even children can grasp its essence. Fourthly, it is designed to be resilient and robust to social conditions, both during the initial phase-in period and during social upheavals. Finally, it is straightforward to implement.

STRATEGY       Build universal appeal by focusing on common interests. Go beyond traditional labels, groupings, and thought patterns. Actively work to overcome divisions, oppositions, and intellectual inertia by innovating new ways to frame issues, debates, and solutions. Do this by going deeper than conventional dichotomies to find the underlying unity. Remain staunchly nonpartisan, nonaligned, neutral. Build relationships and support across the political, religious, cultural, national, socio-economic, and ideological spectra. This approach will be key to the Freedom Universal Constitution’s success.

FINANCIAL     The Institute for Freedom and the Freedom Universal Network are in the formative phase. Financial requirements will depend on the scale and speed of growth of operations. These will be negotiated with sponsors.

STATUS              1.   An initial version of the Freedom Universal Constitution has been completed. A PDF version will be made available for download from the website. The book version is in progress. The original website, targeted at a more intellectual audience, is currently being redesigned for a broader public audience.
2.   Preliminary contact is being initiated with researchers and thought leaders, and the response is encouraging. Formal contact with potential sponsors will commence with the launch of the redesigned website.

ACTION             Build relationships with and obtain the support of:

 that want to contribute to the growth and flourishing of freedom on a hitherto unparalleled scale.

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