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Johann Gevers

Johann Gevers is founder of The Institute for Freedom and creator of The Freedom Universal. His career has spanned business analysis, finance, and technology. He has served as consultant and strategic advisor to companies across diverse industries.

I was born in Vryheid, South Africa. Vryheid is the Afrikaans word for freedom. Growing up in the tumultuous times of apartheid, and witnessing the slow, painful birth of a new country of hope, I saw and experienced first-hand the power and very real consequences—for good or evil—of ideas. This inspired a lifelong interest in creating freer societies, culminating in the founding of the Institute for Freedom.

After completing degrees in philosophy, mathematics, psychology, and logic, I initially worked as social scientist. I then transitioned to business, qualifying as Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. For twenty years, I have worked in investments, finance, and business consulting. My trademark in work and life has always been creative innovation and ongoing improvement—constantly searching for, and inventing, better ways of doing things. This theme also inspired my personal interest in ideas, freedom, and social justice, which I pursued through further studies in philosophy, psychology, politics, economics, and law, and active participation in intellectual communities. Over a period of more than twenty years, I experimented with many different concepts for a free society. Each of these models had its merits, but fell short of being the complete solution I was looking for. There was still a key ingredient missing.

Finally in 2004 the pieces of the puzzle started coming together and a solution began to take shape. Gradually, through further research and discussions with some of the brightest minds working in this field, my confidence grew that this had the potential to mature into a real solution. I founded the Institute for Freedom to advance this important work.

The solution continues to evolve, develop, and grow. It is called The Freedom Universal.


I am profoundly indebted to a great many brilliant thinkers for crucial insights which the Freedom Universal builds upon and extends. Acknowledgments and references will be provided in future publications about the Freedom Universal.

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