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The Freedom Universal Network

The Freedom Universal Network is the research and delivery vehicle for the Freedom Universal. It is a nonpartisan global network of individuals, organizations, and philanthropists working to bring the benefits of the Freedom Universal and the Freedom Universal Constitution to communities and societies worldwide. It includes researchers, thought leaders, change agents, members of the media, and ordinary people from all walks of life.


You can participate in and contribute to the Freedom Universal Network in three main ways:

1. Culturally

Ideas have life and power to the extent that they are understood, supported, and implemented in a culture.

You can make an invaluable contribution to help bring the benefits of the Freedom Universal to your community and our society, by telling others about it. The more people hear about it, ask questions about it, read and think about and intelligently discuss it, the sooner we will be making a real difference and creating a better world for all of us. The Freedom Universal is an idea whose time has come.

2. Financially

There is an enormous amount of work to be done to realize the ambitious goals contemplated by the Freedom Universal and its associated constitution. Significant resources are required to support the research and education initiatives that will make the Freedom Universal a reality in our communities and societies. We now have a historic opportunity to transform our societies and improve the lives of millions—delivering true freedom, justice, and prosperity for everyone. Better education, improved health, greater security, strong and flourishing communities living in healthy environments that nourish the human spirit—these are supremely noble and worthy goals. And they are reachable with your support. Please consider a generous donation to the Institute for Freedom.

It's safe and easy: Simply use PayPal and send your contribution to "". If you use PayPal to make a contribution, no personal data is communicated to us except your email address. You do not need to sign up with PayPal to make a one-time contribution. Please email us if you have any questions.

Did you know that the vast majority of philanthropic giving—over 75%—comes from individuals? That's how powerfully large numbers of small contributions add up. Your contribution really does make a difference.

You can also contribute in-kind services such as graphic design, marketing, or fund raising. Please email us is you would like to make in-kind contributions.

3. Intellectually

The Freedom Universal Constitution is currently being refined by thought leaders in the fields of law, economics, political science, and public policy. If you want to participate in this important work, please email us.

In addition, there is important research to be done on individual sovereignty, the rule of law, equality before the law, the concept of property, voluntary institutions, proprietary communities, and the Freedom Universal itself. The Freedom Universal Network is coordinating research for publication in leading peer-reviewed journals. Research priorities include developing detailed, fully-functional models of proprietary communities, and the development of objective metrics for core concepts such as individual sovereignty, and equality before the law, to enable cross-jurisdictional comparisons and longitudinal studies. Please email us for more information.

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